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Welcome to our site - our world of photography, emotions and beauty.


Love, family, travelling and favorite work - that our main values. And we are ready to share all our skills and our feelings with our clients. In our photography we show what we see, how we feel and what can inspirit us.


Salt Studio -  it’s a team of  professional photographers with more than 10 years of experience in a real weddings, engagements, and other events, studio, children and family shooting all over the world. We make bright and colorful pictures with real emotions. Premium quality, individual approach, high level of responsibility and respect for you privacy - our main strengths.


Professional wedding, family and children photography -  our favorite orientations, but we also shooting with a great pleasure different events, fashion, portraits, food, interior, jewelry in Dubai, Abu-Dhabi, Sardja and all Middle East.


Professional photographer Dubai, Abu-Dhabi, Sardja

If you are looking for professional photography service in UAE you are on the right way. At Salt Studio work strong team with huge experience and the best equipment, keen on their work.


Describing reality and making reportage we get personal feeling into our pictures and devoting photography the best part of our life. During  years of working as   photographers we have stated 7 main points that become our basic rules. Here are they:


Love. Everything we do we do it with love and in  a good mood. We put a part of our soul and our heart into every picture. We understand your feelings, your emotions and often perform the role of psychologist during the  shooting. We love our work, love photography!


Quality.  Every member of our team is a professional photographer with years of experience and high-level results in this profession. No conveyer, every our photo session is unique like our client. We never give somebody our pictures for editing, even we have a lot of work.That is why, perhaps, our dates for accomplishment of order more than at other photography studios in Dubai. But when we a talking about your sweet memories that will keep for ages does it have an importance? All photos we edit by ourself, we don’t try to catch the amount because photography we love more than money!


Respectability. Our clients - prosperous and honorable people, for whom during the ages we become private family  and business photographers. They trust our company the most important events in their life. And we really proud of it!


Personality. We know all our client personally. We always suggest to meet with photographer of our company before such big shooting such as wedding or engagement. It helps you to feel yourself more comfortable before camera in the day of shooting and us to understand what do you like and what do you want to get from the photo session.


Pre-shooting activity . With all responsibility we take obligations not only for  photo shooting itself but for the whole process of preparation. We will discuss with you the place and accessories needed, work out a proper plan of the event to make your photo shooting something special.


Processing of photos. All photoes shot pass through a multileveled  processing, thus the  final photos  might be ready in 3-4 month only. We never  give you  raw pictures. We offer you a high quality in every conditions even if we need to  put more efforts and time that estimated before.


Equipment. We use only the best equipment, only professional series, all new and hi-end without compromises as our clients deserves the best services.

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