5 secrets of a jewellery photo shoot with a model

The last but not the least, it is a shooting with a model. A photo on a model causes a much greater desire to buy a product. What is more, photos with the model allow you to show the size of jewellery, their shape, how they ‘lay down’ on the arm, neck… Individual photos in the background do not always convey the actual size of the simple image.


1. Choose a model for jewellery shooting


This kind of shooting is a very interesting and complicated one - photos with a model. Why is it difficult? 

First of all, so many clients, so many wishes. The main question is what the model should be: someone is looking for models in the Eastern style, others - only the European style; someone is searching for models with tattoos, but sometimes we spend hours and tons of concealer with our clients in order to hide them.


The only solution is to describe your ‘ideal model’, as a result the more careful we can follow your order and find a suitable woman or a man. It will be great to send us an ‘ideal’ photo, which you find the best for you in accordance with your wishes.


2. Clothes and accessories


The next important moment that can be forgotten is clothes for a model and accessories for a shooting. Photos of your jewellery won’t look  luxurious without properly selected accessories and correctly chosen models!

Our clients are often sure that a model will bring piles of clothes, or we have everything at our Studio in order to realize any photo idea. Of course! We have a lot and we do our best to find the right things for a shooting. BUT! Before shooting you should think about: 

  • colourful clothes; 
  • hats; 
  • caps; 
  • bags. 

Some responsible models bring 2 bags of clothes with them. However, all of these things can be unsuitable for you and your collection!


Let’s prepare for a shooting together and in advance. If you can bring for a shooting mainly those accessories and clothes, which you want to see in a shot, the result will be much greater! 


3.    Makeup, manicure and hair style


It is normal when the model comes to the shooting with a neutral manicure (nude or french)
It is normal to have well-looked clean hair, light neutral makeup or its complete absence.

Something else is a task of the organizers of a shooting. Yes, we can ask the model to do some special makeup or manicure, more appropriate for our shooting, maybe even to do curls or vice versa, straighten hair. But all of this will depend on the abilities and capabilities of the model. Not all are professionals in doing makeup and hair style. 


One thing should be added here: everyone should do his own job. A model or a photographer must not put eye-liners, mask tattoos, create buns, tie up corsets and even put feathers in the hair. Stylists - selection of clothes, hairdressers – hair style, make-up artists - make-up, nail masters – manicure, designers - design, and a photographer should pay special attention to photo prosess!


4.    Any model can become a model for a jewellery photoshoot 


Unfortunately, no! Everything is simple. Even very popular models do not always have a sophisticated and beautiful shape of fingers, narrow ankles, the correct shape of the ears and a long thin neck! And the skin condition is much more important in jewellery photographing than in clothes photographing.


Before inviting a model for a commercial jewellery shoot, castings and trial photo shoots should be conducted, it is the only way to be sure of a 100% result.



5. Which model to choose: blonde or brunette?


  • It is worth saying that stones of dark shades: sapphire, garnet, emerald will look better on models with dark hair and darker skin.
  • Stones such as topaz, light emerald, aquamarine will look gorgeous on fair skin and blue-eyed blondes.

If your stones and products are diverse, and you want to show them from the best side - the ideal option is to invite two different models with various makeup and clothes to the photo shoot, or hold two different photo shoots. Everything should be discussed in advance. We are ready to communicate and find the right option mainly for your jewellery even if it will take 24 hours. Shooting must be perfect! 


All these, as well as many other points, are very important to know and consider when planning a photo shoot with a model. Therefore, we always ask our customers to send a photo of their products in order to help them to choose a model and give useful advice which will show the jewellery in the best ‘light’.


Which model is the most suitable for your products? Write to us and we will select a model specifically for your photo shoot.

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