Smash cake baby boy photoshoot - tips, tricks & ideas from Salt Studio Dubai

Chasing a popular idea of having a smash cake photoshoot for the first birthday it’s easy to get distracted by options, choices and decorations. It’s absolutely normal that parents want the best & the most for their baby - this is what parents are for. But more doesn’t always mean better, especially - in such a visual art as photography.

First sugar rush - 4 reasons for cake smashing photo shoot in the studio

We strongly advise our customers to plan photoshoot in the studio, and here are some reasons why that actually make sense:


1. You don’t have to depend on the weather.

When planning a photoshoot outside you have to take into account temperature, sunlight, wind, and many other factors. Also, the distraction level is very high for the baby who is supposed to be focusing on the cake. The studio is a cozy, calm atmosphere with aircon and natural light that doesn’t depend on the weather. You will also have enough time to relax and make yourself comfortable. why little one is exploring a new space.


2. You can prepare in advance.

Our team is exposed to the constant conversation and finding all about our client’s wishes. For every photoshoot we create a file with inspiration images, options for decorations and communicate it to our photographers. When preparing for the smash cake, we also make sure customers are getting the complete instructions about how to dress, what to bring and how to feel relaxed and comfortable by having prepared in advance.


3. Easy clean-up.

Let’s face it - every smash cake is an absolute mess. It will take some time to clean the baby and then, the bath will be necessary. In the studio, you can wash the little one and get him changed easily while doing it outside might be difficult due to privacy reasons, etc.


4. Chic & minimalistic decorations

We receive a lot of requests from our customers that are willing to have balloons, glitters, printed background, some extra Photoshop, all together. We usually recommend parents not to over-accessorize - this is how the photoshoot will look chic and elegant, while the pictures will be focused on the baby, his emotions, and facial expressions. Also, too many decorations might take off little ones' attention - and we are supposed to be focused on the cake.


Modern twist on classical smash cake - watermelons in Salt Studio Dubai!

We offer our customers to go a little bit further and let them get creative. For example, a very good alternative (or a start for the photo session) is an option with watermelons. Big and bright fruit is bringing extra colors to the shooting and our photographers are able to catch a reflection of a fun time the baby is having while crushing into a soft and juicy watermelon.

Some extra ideas are always welcome - milk bath with flower petals, baking photosession & playing with flour, also some donuts or cookies instead of a cake to smash.

Salt Studio is ready to fulfill your most creative photo fantasies and celebrate your baby’s first birthday in a very fun and memorable activity. Book your studio photoshoot with us and enjoy an unforgettable experience in the heart of Emirates!

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