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Modern times require a lot of effort to grow your personal brand on the web. Influencing and blogging turned out to be a full-time job, that implements a need for non-stop flow of interesting, colorful, and high-quality content. Visual world is highly competitive and can bring a lot of stress when planning your news feed. Salt Studio Dubai is providing a perfect solution!

Desert portrait photography in Emirates for your Instagram profile and other social media

The need of non-trivial landscapes is growing every day, and interesting places are highly explored by more and more travelers and bloggers. How about something tempting and curious, like a sea of sand? Yes, you are right: we are speaking of one of the most spectacular places in the world, desert in the Emirates.


Our professional photographers know a lot of different places in the desert to create a magical experience for your profile photo session.

4 different places in the desert of Dubai for the photoshoot

1.       Water

Yes, it might sound unexpected, but there is water in one of the driest places on the earth. Love Lake is a lake in the desert, shaped like a heart. Even though this place is usually chosen for romantic pre/wedding and engagement photoshoots, there is nothing that can get in your way when creating a unique content.


2.       Mountains

There are not just mountains of sand, but real rocky mountains that provide incredible contrast between the soft looking sand. It is a perfect scenario to try out dramatic colors and outfits with bright details. This risk will be well paid off!


3.       Red sand

What not a lot of people know is that there are different sand colors in the desert. Mainly this is explained by the amount of the metal particles in the sand itself. For example, right next to Dubai sand is light yellow, sometimes even white. The further in the desert -the darker the sand. On the border of Emirates, in Al Maha resort, dunes will be almost red or dark orange.


4.       Safari

One of the amazing options is to include animals in the photo session. Imagine yourself riding a wild horse in the sunset, or graciously stepping camel walking on the border of the sand dune. Or maybe you are brave enough to try falcons? Marvelous birds with deadly eyes. The best time to choose safari time would be autumn, winter and early spring, so it’s not too hot for you and for your photo companions.


Portrait photo session for your blog – more than 100 photos per hour! Don’t worry anymore about your SMM project and put your trust in us - Salt Studio Dubai has more than a decade of experience in photography. 


Every package includes a full professional set of equipment, as well as light & tone correction and online gallery with web-size and HD-size photos for you to download. 


Book your photoshoot with us and enjoy a 10% discount for publication permission. Salt Studio Dubai - you are the best influence!

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