Kashmir Sapphires - unique stones from India

Speaking of special jewellery and rare stones, it’s impossible not to mention one of the most intriguing gems of all time - dark blue sapphires with “inner silk” threads.


They absorb light, instead of reflecting it and are creating a “velvet” effect - you might find yourself very attracted to the thought of touching those special stones. They look so soft and almost like they are painted by some very talented artist.

Professional photography of a big jewellery ansamblis on a white background

When taking pictures of those particular stones, it’s better to use white background and softbox for the better contrast, as well as not getting too much into the Photoshop retouch. Salt Studio is offering a big variety of the post-production edit, such as light and tone corrections, high-end artistic retouch & background removing. 


In this case we advise to go for the “golden” middle and get a little bit of everything. Let the contrasts, as well as light & shadow to be the main solo in this duo.



5 curious facts about Kashmir sapphires, the Indian kings of precious stones:


  1. The original stones were coming from one of the parts of Himalayan mountains called Zanskar. As for now, the mines are long closed. Since the 19th century there was not one sapphire that was mined in Himalayan. 
  2. There are 3 main colors for this jewellery: Azure blue sapphire, cornflower and Royal blue shade. 
  3. The white lines you can see inside of the gem are called “eternal silk”. The more of them you see, the less shiny the stone will be.
  4. It is very popular not to cut the stones too much, due to the wish of preserving the white threads inside. But if it has to be cut, the most popular shapes would be: round, pear-shaped & marquise. 
  5. The lowest price to buy this unique piece would be more than five thousand dollars per carat. This is one of the most expensive stones in the world!


Jewelry photography in Dubai: e-commerce, showroom & jewellery boutique

White background is a perfect choice for this type of jewelry piece, because it shows the depth and contrast of the deep colors. Shooting such challenging designs is taking a lot of professional qualities, experience and most importantly - patience. 


Our female team in Dubai is providing photography & video services for the jewellery of different types. We offer per photo and per hour packages, as well as online galleries, different types of shooting and retouch. 



Book your photoshoot with Salt Studio and enjoy the creative power of the image. Show your jewelry collection at its finest - let the gems shine bright!


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