Best ideas for portrait photos: business, leisure and some feelings

Modern times are asking for the visual representation of yourself more than ever. No wonder that phrase “personal brand” is used very often and everyone should know how to highlight the best qualities of their character. 


What can be a better image of you than a perfect profile picture taken by a professional photographer with natural retouch & right composition. 

Booking a personal portrait photo session is a great act of selfcare

Salt Studio would like you to take a look at 4 reasons “why” you will need phis photoshoot:


1. One photo can be used better than hundred words

First thing that comes to our mind - a great CV picture. Yes, that’s right, the image for your resume is very important. Just imagine, what a huge impact it might give to your future employer. Professional photos in our cozy home-studio in Dubai have different backgrounds and extra accessories to make your curriculum shooting easy and fun.


2. Business page
When creating your own business team page for the company, it’s a great way to connect more with your customers and get closer  to your potential audience. It’s always nice to know who stands behind every product. 


3. Social media pages
Also one of the great ideas for your Instagram, Facebook and other profiles. Good representation of yourself is transmitting the right vibe to other Internet users. It’s also always a good idea to have a proper profile picture for bettor recognition. 


4. Memories
It might sound a little bit sentimental, but it's a great idea to have a photoshoot of yourself once in a while. To see and appreciate how you and your appearance are changing, reflecting amazing experiences you had. A lot of times we forget about how fast time is flying, and how many things we actually achieved.

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