Top 10 locations for outdoor wedding photo shoot in Dubai

For spectacular photo shoots for a wedding or any other event, you need to be very serious when it comes to choosing the venue and shooting itself. We always discuss with our customers their preferences and we strive to choose a photography location that most meets their wishes. Today, we would like to share with you our favorite outdoor wedding photo shoot venues. This article is for those who, like us, love nature, adventure and hunt for new impressions.

№1: Al Maha Desert Resort and Spa

Olga Leonova, our principal wedding photographer, who has conducted hundreds of photo sessions, sees the Al Maha Desert Resort and Spa hotel as an obvious venue for an excellent photo shoot. Located not far from the ever bustling Dubai and Abu-Dhabi, this classy hotel is surrounded by a boundless desert. Combining an Arabian heritage, this luxury hotel has for many years sunk deep into our hearts.


Staying at the premises of this hotel, one would hardly believe that there is the life of a modern city raging nearby. The hotel features an atmosphere of luxury, peace and seclusion, which would charm you instantly. The natural scenery of golden sand created by nature immediately wins over the lovebirds. This truly fabulous place has also blown away our photographer. A combination of sand dunes and wedding dresses give birth to spectacular photographs. Pictures taken at the background of sunrise or sunset in the desert would even touch the feelings of the most sophisticated couples.


№2: Bastakia Quarter

If you are tired of the modern world and you would prefer to hold a photo session in a secluded place, then Bastakia is your ideal solution. Its ancient streets are filled with measured rhythm and immersed in the era of the last century. The neighborhood is imbued with the history and culture of UAE. Every corner or yard is rich with authentic details.


We fell in love with this location for always being cool even on the hottest day in the narrow labyrinth streets of this mini town, but at night, it’s so beautifully illuminated with colorful lights that you would like to pass through it again – it looks absolutely different in the dark! Walking along the tangled streets of the old city, one can unknowingly feel like a character of the Arab folk tale “Aladdin and His Magic Lamp”. Don’t miss the opportunity to rent a small boat and enjoy the stunning views of the Dubai Creek canal. Why not take a ride to the other shore, taking a few romantic shots along the way?


№3: One&Only The Palm

Have you ever dreamt of seeing in your family album wedding photos on the shore of a snow-white beach with turquoise waves? If yes, then you need to urgently go to the luxury One&Only The Palm hotel, situated at the world-famous Palm Jumeirah island. Count yourself as a lucky person if you are able to at a first go obtain permission from the hotel administration to hold a photo session there – this isn’t so easy because the most famous stars and celebrities like to stay at this hotel.


At this location, you have at your disposal: your own private beach, hectares of beautiful gardens with fountains and refined hotel interiors. The creamy white, warm, gentle sand and playing patches of sunlight will fill everyone around with romance. You would agree this sounds beautiful. Now imagine how this would look like on your pictures... In the evening, the hotel’s territory opens a breathtaking view of modern Dubai. The beauty of the lights emanating from skyscrapers is fascinating. Fantastic coastlines and impressive buildings are simply a classic of wedding photography. And, as you know, there will always be classic in fashion.


№4: Bab Al Shams

Do you love nature, silence and privacy? Then, hold your wedding photo shoot at Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa. It is an authentic hotel in the Arab style, featuring with labyrinth streets, which gives you very colorful pictures. In the evening, the territory is lighted with multi-colored lanterns, thus giving you the opportunity to create mysterious shots in the night. A feeling of complete privacy and relaxation would allow you to relax and not be distracted by camera lens.


A very photogenic desert is situated directly outside the territory of the hotel. There, you can rent a couple of thoroughbred Arabian horses and spend your second day of the photo session. Witnessing sunrise or sunset in the sand dunes with your loved one is a never-to-be-forgotten experience. And our photographers will capture these wonderful moments and save your memories for many years to come.


№5: Dubai Marina

This is the ideal place for urban style photo shoot. If you are a modern bride and groom wishing to reflect the rhythm and life of a large city on your photographs, then your photo session should take place here. A wide embankment, breathtaking skyscrapers piercing the sky, high-end restaurants and luxury yachts. Someone might think this landscape is not suitable for marriage ceremony.


And what if you add a little elegance and festive style? You’ll get a unique urban style wedding. A distinctive feature of this venue is the picturesque pedestrian zone, where lovebirds like to stroll a lot. Dubai Marina walk is an unforgettable walk along the bay with yachts, through the high-rise buildings of unique configurations. Having been impressed by the local architecture, style and atmosphere, our photographers have noted this location as one of the favorite for your wedding photography.


№6: Boat ride photo session

Each bride dreams of a grand wedding event, that compares to no other wedding. She would like to leave bright impressions and get great photos that would always drive you into the emotions of that day again and again. The bride would like to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and retire with her man for a snow-white sailing yacht or a luxury boat for two... Have you thought about this idea?


Boat trip in addition to gorgeous pictures will gift you unforgettable emotions. Complete your appearance and image with bright details and the photo shoot will play with new colors. For example, a bouquet of bright scarlet flowers or a thin flying scarf, or still better – 2-3 meters of purple or yellow organza or tulle would look magnificent on a sea background.


№7: Dubai Miracle Garden

Millions of flowers combine with original design that inspires the creation of mind-blowing wedding photographs. Modern newlyweds love this venue for the opportunity to combine a photo session and a leisurely walk in one beautiful place. Alleys in the form of hearts or arbors in the form of stars, flower-decorated terraces and columns have already made it in the hearts of newlyweds and we have entered this venue in our list of recommended places for an outdoor shooting. If you are tired, or you want diversity, we recommend renting a local golf car for more emotional and dynamic photos.


№8: Burj Al Arab

Luxurious business card of Dubai. Everyone can tell how this heavenly spot, located in the sea, 280 meters from the shore, looks like. But not everyone knows the kind of incredible shots that can be made by a professional photographer, inspired by such stunning beauty. From the open area of ​​the Al Muntaha restaurant, you can make beautiful panoramic shots of both the romantic couple and the guests.


What about arranging for a wedding photo session on the hotel’s unique helipad? Shots from such a photo session will be remembered for a long time. The Persian Gulf beach with a view of the luxury Burj Al Arab hotel can serve as the final location for creating spectacular festive shots. Turquoise wave, white sand and blue sky perfectly blend with the bride’s classic white wedding dress.


№9: Burj Khalifa

The home of singing and dancing fountains, picturesque staircases and arches, majestic structures and artificial canals. The abundance of greenery and flowers makes the area near Burj Khalifa truly unique for Dubai. Visiting and local newlyweds are very fond of this area and often choose it for a photo shoot. Downtown is especially photogenic in the evening. Evening slowly falls in the district, millions of lights begin to light up, while invisible but distinctly felt romance of the couple soars in the air.


№10: Dubai polo & equestrian club

This is a unique place, which has no parallel in the whole of Dubai. Unique location, imbued with lightness and rich colorful flowers. The abundance of greenery and vast area will give a note of freshness, which is beautifully reflected in the wedding shots. There are polo fields located on the huge area of ​​several hectares. Go for a joint slow ride on horses and an interesting photo shoot that would give you exclusively positive emotions. This is far from the complete list of places where we hold photo sessions for newlyweds. We try to pick something special for each pair.

Please leave your photo session requests on our website and we will definitely find a place that would be your favorite for many years to come!


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