Top 20 life hacks from Salt Studio Dubai for organising an unforgettable wedding on the beach

Salt Studio photographers have taken photos of more than 500 weddings and have observed beach ceremonies in almost all hotels in Dubai. If you want to have only pleasant memories of the long-awaited event on the beach, we have prepared some useful tips for you!

How to prepare for a wedding on a beach: 20 ideas from Salt Studio Dubai

1. Portraits of the bride and the groom

Think about the sufficient time at the wedding, at least 1-1.5 hours for a photo session of the bride and the groom before the ceremony starts. Unfortunately, makeup does not often stand the test due to high humidity and hot temperature. As a result, it does not look like it should be after a couple of hours. So, do not be lazy, allocate time for a photo session in advance, you will not regret it!


2. Hairstyle

Add a simple and natural hairstyle to your bright bride look. Remember that even if it seems that you have the most durable lush hairstyle, it can turn out into a mess due to the ocean wind after a while. You will feel uncomfortable because of the damage done to your great look.


3. Dress code for guests

Remind your guests that the event will take place on the beach. So, they should choose the appropriate clothes and shoes.


4. Compliments for the guests

Sunscreen, umbrellas, hats, fans and thermal water will be great compliments for guests at the beach wedding.


5. Menu

Choose light and refreshing dishes so that guests don't overeat in the heat.


Beach wedding photo session: 20 the best advices from wedding photographers

6. Professional photo and video shooting

A wedding on the beach is a test for an inexperienced photographer. It is a better way to find professionals who have taken more than a dozen of photos, and preferably hundreds of weddings of this format. Otherwise, all the beauty and magic of the event will remain only in your memory but not in the photos.


7. Comfortable places

Prepare chairs or benches for the guests beforehand so that they can relax and enjoy the wedding celebration.


8. Drinks

It can be very hot on the beach, so prepare enough water in order to escape dehydration. Fresh coconuts are a great option for a beach wedding! They look spectacular!


9. Microphones and speakers

They are the best solution! It is often noisy from the wind on the coast. Even from a short distance you may not hear the important words spoken on this significant day. Therefore, they are necessary items that should not be neglected.


10. Wind

You definitely don’t want to catch carefully selected wedding decor and furniture all over the beach! Therefore, we strongly recommend using massive decorations and providing weights for furniture.

Life hack from Salt Studio. Do you dream of using candles to increase the romantic atmosphere? Place them inside glass vases, so they will look even more spectacular and you will not worry about the threat of fire.


Wedding from your dream: beach, sun, sand and love!

11. Moderate sun tan 

Do not neglect the even tan, but don’t overdo it before the celebration. Keep in mind that your outfit will be open and some details may spoil the impression.


12. Do not use fresh flowers in your hairstyle and decor

It looks very gentle and romantic, but don’t forget that the flowers fade due to heat in half an hour.


13. Adaptation

If you have recently arrived in Dubai and you are planning a wedding here, then give yourself enough time to get used to the climate before the celebration. It’s better to feel relaxed and rested at the ceremony.


14. Transport

We advise you to arrange transportation for guests from the beach and back to avoid discomfort and unnecessary explanations of how to get to the venue of the ceremony.


15. Comfortable conditions for you and your guests

Do not forget that spending the whole day outdoors in a warm country is quite exhausting whereas the temperature seems to be optimal on the beach in Dubai. It’s a good idea to place mobile outdoor air conditioners at the venue of the celebration. Humidifiers will be a perfect addition as well as they will make the air easier to breathe.

16. The most important thing is your outfits! 

Choose a bride's dress so that you feel comfortable in it in the heat and at high humidity. Think about where and what you can quickly change into after the ceremonial part. It is also desirable for the groom to choose something light and less traditional which is made of natural fabrics.


17. Footwear

It is another topic for discussion. Don’t forget to draw the attention of the guests to this point and don’t forget about your shoes.  In addition to the heat on the beach, there will be a lot of sand, sometimes it will be wet, so high-heeled shoes are not a good option.


18. Place for photographers and videographers

Think about those who are doing everything possible and impossible to catch one of the most important days in your life in the best possible way. We are talking about photographers and videographers. It will be perfect if there is a separate table or even some space with a closed screen. There may be a small tent or a summerhouse where it will be possible to place a huge number of bags with tripods and other equipment that is usually brought to the wedding. Otherwise, all this equipment will just lie somewhere on the sand and it won’t look very good on the background of a beautiful decor. Additionally, it's very difficult to find an outlet on the beach. So, it's great if the place for the film crew is not far from the DJ.

19. Wedding cake

The main wedding dish should wait for its spectacular time without losing its beautiful form. As for decoration, it’s better to use vegetable whipped cream, edible mastic or marzipan. If you don't want to make your guests asleep, the cake should be light and tender. An airy sponge cake and fruits in the filling will help you to complete this task. We are ready to share the secret ingredient which will make the cake refreshing - it's mint. Your guests will certainly appreciate it.


20. Lighting

Be ready that it gets dark very early in Dubai (at 6-7 pm). Romantic candles are spectacular on the tables, but they don’t give enough light. We have come across this problem more than once - it was so dark at the wedding that it was difficult to distinguish the bride and the groom.

It is highly recommended to discuss the issue of additional lighting of the holiday with the organisers. It mustn’t be only an additional illumination of the dance floor. More light should be added above the guests’ tables. On the one hand, it will be comfortable for eyes, on the other hand - it will be possible to take perfect atmospheric photos with minimal additional lighting or without it.


Salt Studio Dubai has great experience of offside wedding photo sessions in the UAE and around the world. We always discuss all peculiarities of the upcoming event with our clients in advance. We discuss timing and advise what can be done to achieve the best result. We know how to take spectacular and relaxed photos without endless posing and unnatural smiles. It is important to us that you feel easy and look natural, because it is your day!


We have tried to describe all the important points when organising an important event on the beach. However, if you don’t understand anything and you have questions, we will be happy to answer them and help you to capture your unforgettable magical day.


In the next article, we will reveal ​​​​​​​Pros and Cons of a wedding on a beach so you can easily choose the best option for you to organise an impeccable ceremony on the beach of Dubai.


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