Exclusive wedding photo album – a precious casket for memories of your extraordinary celebration!

Wedding is one of the most beautiful and significant events in life. It is a wonderful celebration, which the lovers prepare for thoroughly and for a very long time. In planning a stylish luxury celebration, the organizers pay great attention to the event design. Everything should be just perfect: stunning scenery, a sea of ​​real flowers, unusual and original accessories, exclusive bride’s outfit. But as soon as the last lights of the departing event go out, this entire splendor will be easily forgotten. That's why it's so important to remember every moment of the day, every incredible detail, every look and emotion.

Salt Studio offers you the best way to store all your valuable memories safely. To do this, order for a photo session from real professionals who will take pictures of impeccable quality for you. However, it’s not enough to just get great photos. The most important thing is to prepare and present them properly. Wedding photo book is not just an ordinary album with printed pictures – as is usually done. This is a real masterpiece that will be kept in your home as a valuable family relic and chronicle of your generation.


Give attention to your closest people

Beautiful wedding photo albums highlight the exclusivity and status of your event, since your friends and family will together with you watch these albums. It's so nice when you turn over the gorgeous pages of your photo book containing magnificent pictures, which will take your memories back to your happy day again and again and re-experience all its touching and beautiful moments. All the photos in such books are perceived as a single whole because a common story unites them – your quivering love story.

In addition, you can make a breathtaking gift to your closest people – a unique handmade album, filled with your shared memories. Such things are not just put aside in old shelves, but are carefully kept, as you watch the photos tremblingly in the heart. This is an excellent surprise, which can be presented at any event, be it at your grandmother's anniversary or at your best friend's birthday. Show your friends and relatives how you value them and how important you see the time spent together with them, and you will see boundless gratitude in their eyes.


Luxury wedding photo albums from Salt Studio – you deserve this top-quality unique shots!

In our studio, you can order for the printing of a unique photo book of your wedding. In this book, we will put the most beautiful pictures of your wonderful celebration. Female photographers from Salt Studio place the strictest requirements to both the exclusive design and to the quality of the materials used. For us, everything must be perfect: no standard templates or samples, only manual work – from layout to printing and assembly. Therefore, each of our best wedding photo albums has its own unique character, its mood and its magic aura.


To achieve the best result, we always work in tandem with our customers. Together with you, we select the most beautiful wedding photos for the future book, we agree on the design of the cover and pages, we advise you on how to better organize the images and we offer a variety of design materials. If you need some original solution, we will gladly implement all your ideas and thoughts. To us, it is very important that you are completely satisfied with our work and that you store your album as a pearl of great worth.


We use only premium materials in making a wedding photo album. We create a hard cover from natural or artificial leather, as well as from fabrics of various colors and textures of your choice. We can also order for a beautiful cover with any image. The photo album pages can be made of matte, glossy or structured paper. For the edges of the book, we suggest you cover with silver or gold foil, which will highlight the refinement of the product, or you can leave them white.


In designing a photo book, we focus on the details that give individuality to your delightful wedding albums. You can complement the design with such refined elements as:

  • Fabric inserts;
  • Metal plates with individual engraving of your names, initials or date of the event;
  • Embossing of a personal cliche;
  • Laminated photo insert.

Also, you can choose a ready-made cover from our collection for the best wedding photo books.


Designer wedding photo album: create a marvelous book about your love story – together with us!

Our photo studio offers professional wedding photography and any other types of photography in the most beautiful corners of the UAE and the entire Middle East. We know all the most romantic locations for photo shoots in such glamorous UAE cities as:

  • Dubai;
  • Sharjah;
  • Abu Dhabi.

You can buy from us not only an exclusive photo album in one copy for newlyweds, but also a whole set of handmade work for your families so that you can share the heartwarming and affectionate memories of your amazing day with all your relatives. We are pleased to offer you one big premium photo book for you  and two small ones for your parents made in one style. We also copy the best pictures into a USB flash drive for all your immediate family. We know how important this is for you, so we will gladly implement any chosen option.

Here are a few steps that our female photographers take to get you the best photo album:

  • They hold a photo session on the appointed day;
  • They select the best photos and make color corrections in Lightroom;
  • From the treated photos, they choose those that are suitable for the album and show it to you for your approval;
  • They manually process all photos for albums in Adobe Photoshop, bringing them to perfection;
  • They offer you cover and page design options;
  • They create a wedding photo book layout and send it to you for approval;
  • They manually make a ready-made copy and hand it over to you in person.

You would agree that this is a painstaking job, but we do it with pleasure for you to prolong your moments of boundless happiness.


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