The most effective wedding photo poses – a reflection of your feelings in each shot!

You would agree that most newlyweds have never worked as a professional model. They very often ask themselves: ‘How do I stand or sit beautifully, or how do I look so that the picture could be perfect?’ Our experienced female photographers will surely tell you which wedding photo shoot poses are suitable for you. In order not to waste your precious time on the wedding day, we recommend going for a posing training in a love story or engagement shooting.

You get a stunning wedding photography thanks to the photographer’s technical skills and the creative approach of the couple who uses the most beautiful poses to get the best result. The lavish staged photography can be taken on the background of the charming architecture of Arab cities or magical landscapes.


However, the most atmospheric shots are obtained in interior studios. Intriguing and original poses will not only make your photos diverse, but also highlight the harmony and sincerity of your relationship. In any case, the couple should look as natural and casual as possible in the shots.

Best poses from our photographers for your lavish wedding photography

One of the secrets of effective wedding photos is to select poses carefully for a couple. Poses will reveal the relationship between the couple. Our photographers will gladly share their experience with you and will show you how to pose very effectively and beautifully.

  • A translucent veil will be perfect for a tender portrait of the bride. Having used the exquisite wedding accessory to the best effect, we will create shots highlighting the bride's make-up and hairstyle to the best advantage.
  • A beautiful wedding car will be used for a remarkable bride’s shooting.
  • Be sure to capture a romantic, but at the same time, passionate kiss. Such shots are full of expression – they are emphatic and emotional.
  • Use natural and casual movements that will not be staged. They do add dynamics to the family album. For example, a slow dance under your favourite melody will twist the newlyweds and create graceful natural photo poses.  
  • When the groom embraces the bride from the back, and their eyes are fixed on each other, it looks very touching and tender.
  • Hold hands, it's so simple, but at the same time, a symbolic gesture.


  • At any suitable moment, the newlyweds can kiss; this will create a calm and intimate atmosphere.
  • Original arches, columns, furniture, interior objects will highlight the solemnity of the moment.
  • Excellent composition both for long shots and close ups – when the groom keeps his bride in his arms.
  • Shots taken from above or at an unusual angle look very creative. Top down. A sensual shot will focus on the couple’s faces. In addition, the face looks slimmer from this foreshortening.
  • The groom can lift the bride and twirl her around, thus showing all his tenderness and care. And do not forget to kiss.
  • A simple and relaxed option where you can use the background to the best effect is when the groom sits and the bride places her head on his knees or leans against him. Shots from the ‘Pleasant Walk’ series are imbued with love and happiness. Sit on a bench or lie down on fresh grass – this will allow you to take some rest and enable our professional photographer to produce excellent wedding shots.
  • There is a classical composition, where the newlyweds embrace each other and look at the camera, while the bride’s wonderful wedding bouquet comes to the fore.
  • Wedding rings are an indispensable symbol of this celebration, and we will highlight their luxurious radiance and glitter in its full splendor.
  • A story where the couple is holding glasses looks fun and festive. You get a more creative picture if you focus on the glasses and leave the couple’s faces blurred.

The main thing to remember is that it's your day! And no matter how you pose, all the photos will be beautiful because they are imbued with the most important thing - your love.

Precious moments of your life with breath-taking shots from Salt Studio

Our female photographers know that you would really love to get stunning photos of the most beautiful day of your life. We will do our best to help you to get the best wedding photography poses, because they will decorate your luxurious family album for a very long time.


With our over 15 years of experience in the photography industry, we can select keys for each of our clients, trying to emphasize and highlight your personality in the images.


You can order for a wedding photo session from our studio in any corner of the fabulous UAE:

  • Dubai;
  • Sharjah;
  • Abu Dhabi.

Just relax and enjoy your happiest day. We will help you to choose the most effective poses for your jaw-dropping shots!

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