Amazing wedding photo portrait – the whole palette of feelings in the eyes of lovers!

Mind-blowing wedding portraits are one of our most favorite photography genres. The depth of feelings of the two lovebirds, the radiance of their eyes and the gentle touch of their hands inspire us to produce emotional and touching shots. We will create your bright photography on the background of beautiful landscapes or magnificent architectural sights in such UAE cities as:


  • Dubai;
  • Sharjah;
  • Abu Dhabi.

You can also use interior studio services with intriguing decor. Here, our international photographers will make wonderful wedding and portrait shots. We do our best to ensure that you feel as natural as possible during the shooting. That’s why we can provide mobile photo studio services for your comfort. Our photographers will come to any place convenient for you with professional hardware and original shooting backgrounds to make mind-blowing shots.


A lovely wedding and portrait photography will fill your hearts with warmth

All the shades of emotions, feelings, excitement and anxiety of a unique wedding of the day – this will be the most important thing for you. We will capture this in an amazing portrait photography. Such photos always turn out to be gentle and sensual, because they reveal before us the romantic story of two lovebirds. The wonderful shots will reflect all the bright and happy moments of your magic day. You will experience this again emotionally whenever you watch your family album. The most beautiful and successful shots will become a real ornament for the album and will delight you and your loved ones for many years to come.

Among all wedding photography, the portraits of the beautiful bride turn out to be extraordinarily tremulous and touching. They are penetrated by a special charm and tenderness. For us, it is very important to capture and show all the beauty of her inner world, her sincerity and love. Her classy outfit, elegant hairstyle, and incredible gloss of jewelry will only highlight the individuality and charm of this heroine of the event.


Your fabulous love story in a romantic wedding photo portrait from Salt Studio

A professional photographer subtly feels your experiences, captures slightest changes in your mood and helps you to fully open up during the filming process. To get truly authentic wedding and portrait photography, it is very important for us to establish emotional contact with the couple even at the wedding preparation stage. This will enable us to better understand what is most important and valuable to you, what you dream about and what you are expecting from us.



Our female photographers will happily share their experiences and show you the most effective foreshortenings and natural poses. They will help you choose beautiful locations for a photo shoot, and develop a shooting scenario. You can allow us handle your most intimate – immortalizing the birth of your wonderful family, because:


We work very delicately, gently and unobtrusively, controlling the shooting process to get a perfect result;

For over 12 years, we have been shooting breath-taking ceremonies, so we know exactly how to highlight your true emotions and natural beauty on this day;

We observe complete privacy both during the photo shooting process and when processing and storing the photos.




Order for luxurious wedding portraits from Salt Studio to fill each photography with love and warmth!



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