Unique wedding ballrooms of this hotel - the best photography challenges for the team

When speaking of Dubai in general, the first things that would come to your mind are opulence, luxury and lavish lifestyle. If this is what you are expecting from your wedding venue, One & Only Royal Mirage hotel won’t disappoint you for a bit - this is one of the best and expensive hotels in Dubai. 


The buildings beautifully combine the modern tendencies of the skyscrapers and traditional arches, bedouin statues covered in gold and ornaments. 



Our professional female photographers are always excited when finding out that the photoshoot will be in O&O Mirage, as it means that the wedding itself must and will be stunning. We had a lot of luck, attending one of the most luxurious events with mesmerizing decorations and setups. 


Wedding venue details, such as table settings, flower decorations, centerpieces, cosha, jewelry, wedding bands and engagement rings, as well as gifts and compliments for the gifts is a very important part of the photosession. Salt Studio is explaining, why so.

5 reasons why it’s important to take pictures of the wedding details

You might think that the most important part of the wedding is taking pictures of the bride and groom and the ceremony, and you are absolutely right. But here is some food for your thoughts, as we will tell you some reasons why the decorations, setup and other details are as well important for wedding photography:


1. The album
The decoration and details are the little pictures that will fill your album and create the magic atmosphere of your special day. Exactly little bits and bobs will make you smile after years and years, when checking on the history of one of the most important days in your lives. 


2. Traditions
A lot of times the bride and groom receive some traditional jewelry or other pieces that are passed through the generations in the family. Taking pictures of something so important is an extra way to show more respect and immortalize the special accents.


3. Lights & decorations

One of the most important things in photography is light, and it’s great if the photographers are not afraid to work with the difficult light and capture the most controversial moments, such as light shining over the veil, the shine of silverware or fireworks from the balcony. 


4. Flowers
Weddings are mostly decorated with the live flowers, which creates an unforgettable atmosphere, vibe and charming aroma. And there is nothing that would fade away faster than freshly cut flowers. Let’s memorize those amazing decorations forever… 


5. Before & after
It is important to allow the photography and videography team to enter the venue first, so they can capture an untouched setting of the celebration. Also, due to the experience, sometimes little changes needed from the photographer's side - moving one or two things for better storytelling.

Also, it always helps to enjoy the before and after type of the photography - cake cutting usually is the top of this part.

Luxury from the first glance - magical experience of your life in one of the most famous hotels of Dubai

One and Only Mirage Dubai stands on the beach, just 10 minutes away on a quick boat ride from the sister - One and Only Palm. Those hotels are very often hosting world class stars, such as Angelina Jolie and others.

That’s why the extra security measures are taken by the security of the hotel - and our team is always extra cautious when working to not disturb the privacy of the other guests of the hotel. Make sure you keep that in mind, in case you will opt for the pre-wedding or “getting ready” photos in the hotel’s interior.



Salt Studio  - we are making every little detail unforgettable and memorable, from your special day to your “always & forever!”

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