Professional wedding videography in Dubai
Engagement video in Dubai with female videographer
Henna night video Abu-Dhabi

Create a magic film about your love – together with our wedding videographer in Dubai!

It is very important to choose accessories in advance, think through the story line and make a script, so that the finished film would look holistic and seamless. We will discuss with you all the ins and outs of the shooting, down to the tiniest detail. We will listen to your wishes and offer you some creative ideas. Our studio in Dubai will make both a creative and candid wedding videography so that your film will turn out to be many-sided, extraordinarily intriguing and rich.


Professional wedding videographer in Dubai
Female videography team in Dubai
Dubai lady videographer in Dubai

It's very easy for us to take pictures when you're in love, when your eyes are shining and you are just enjoying each other on this fascinating and adorable day. Your love inspires us, helping to thoroughly appreciate the special atmosphere of this wonderful event. Showing this heart-stirring "romantic movie" to your children and grandchildren after many years, you will recall your most important day in great detail. And we'll make sure that watching your unique movie becomes a breathtaking and jaw-dropping experience.


Exceptional wedding videography Dubai – harmony and happiness in every shot!


All secrets of a perfect Dubai wedding videography from Salt Studio

The professional wedding videographers of our studio have a great experience working both in Dubai and in other beautiful cities. That’s why they are well versed when it comes to the ins and outs of shooting and processing a finished material. We pay great attention not only to modern technical hardware, but also to new and original ideas. Moreover, we often act as a psychologist, who not only shows you how to correctly pose or chooses the best camera angles, but also helps you to relax in front of the camera. That's why we always meet in advance with the couple before the event to establish emotional contact and be on the same wavelength with our beautiful newlyweds.


Do you dream to see your unique story embodied in a highly artistic movie about your high feelings? We are 100% sure that we will surprise you with:

  • Top-quality shooting because we use only the latest professional hardware in the market;
  • Ability to capture and highlight details that set the tone for the entire event;
  • Video post-processing and editing of the highest quality. At the end, you get a great movie story about your fairy-tale event.


Order for our wedding videographer in any convenient way in Dubai and become the main characters of a movie masterpiece about love!


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