A white and red wedding is an excellent choice for stylish personalities. The color of love and passion has become an ideal choice when decorating a wedding ceremony and bridal gowns. Svetlana Evstigneeva fashion house, together with stylist Alex Gabany, was in charge of the bride’s dress and image. The fashion team created a truly refined wedding style: red jacket, velvet shoes from world designer Yves Saint Laurent in combination with a snow-white wedding dress, natural wedding make-up and a neatly assembled hairstyle. Just look how elegant it is.


Every bridesmaid wanted to catch the bride’s red wedding bouquet created by professional florists from floral studio Slava Rosca. You bet, it’s so beautiful! Wedding rings from Italian jewelry brand BVLGARI subtly hinted at the status and luxury of the wedding ceremony.


The richness of red – in combination with a classic white – was taken into account in every wedding detail: invitations, wedding accessories, decorative ornaments, guest dresses. It is worth noting that red stylistics was reflected in the banquet part of the event, held in Italian restaurant Apriori. Red accents were placed on the festive menu, name signs, and postcards with words of gratitude. Even cupcakes were decorated with red mastic.

Below, the main photographer and founder of Salt Studio, Leonova Olga, talks about her impressions of wedding photography:



"We were lucky enough to hold a wedding photo session for the groom's parents some years ago. Even then, we focused on the incredible atmosphere of love, bliss and respect in the family. When a couple in love are sincerely happy and enjoy every moment spent with each other, the photographer can only stealthily dissolve into the festive atmosphere and capture the trembling moments of love on the lens of the camera.


Having chosen red for the main color of the wedding, we created affectionate shots with a droplet of playfulness. The classy house interiors of the young family, made in shades of gold, became beautiful decorations for the morning gatherings of the bride and groom.”


If you are planning a wedding in red and white colors, then we are absolutely sure that this shooting will inspire new ideas and will prompt some ways to implement them.


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