Autumn photo session

Miracle Garden photoshoot for baby - watermelon sugar HIGH!

Salt Studio Dubai is very happy to present us the juiciest photoshoot ever - baby-toddler smash cake with a very modern twist! We are very used to smashing real cakes, with cream and frosting. Here the family decided to go on something modern and less stainey - so we picked a watermelon! 



Photos filled with sun, warm autumn weather and touchy textures - this is what this photoshoot is about. Watermelon is a perfect treat for the baby - sugary, bright red color to attract the attention and sweet as the baby-girl herself! Salt Studio Dubai had so much fun, planning and having this photo shoot in our home studio.


Smile of the baby-girl is shining brighter than autumn sun, take a look at those pictures

Isn’t it a real pleasure to see a chubby happy little girl smiling and being curious around the big fruit? Just look at this dress! She looks just like a princess. It’s a special experience, to work with babies and toddlers. They are always in charge, not you - and they are not shy to get their own rules dictated loud and clear! 



Come and celebrate the important milestones of your babies to Salt Studio Dubai - fun and modern smash cakes, outdoor and indoor photoshoot for you and your family! Keeping precious moments and creating legacy for your family is a blessing, and we are happy to share it with you through photography.


Be creative - here you can allow your fantasy to take you as far away as possible!

Be creative - here you can allow your fantasy to take you as far away as possible!


Our photographer is always embracing families to fulfill their photo fantasies, as we believe this is the key to the great photoshoot. Watermelon baby boy dug right in, smashing the juicy meat of the big red fruit! Smiling, happiness, real emotions and pure joy - this is what the kids photoshoot is about! 


When picking fruits as decoration, do not hesitate, because it's always a YES-GO! Bright colors are the best decorations for your children's photoshoot in Salt Studio Dubai, they are fun, juicy, tasty and very good looking. 


Our studio is always open for the families who are wishing to save precious memories of their kids growing up and keep them forever in their hearts. Come enjoy a luxurious experience with your family! Salt Studio Dubai - make your dreams last forever!


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