Meet our principal photographer: Leonova Olga

Hi! I'm Olga Leonova, a Head Photographer and CEO of Salt Studio.


I have been a professional wedding and family photographer since 2005. Photography is something more than just a job for me. I see it as an opportunity to express and show my attitude to life and to point out what others might not notice while passing by. I’m a sentimental person and I believe in love and true feelings. Could this be the reason why weddings, children and family are my most favourite types of photography?


Memories of my first acquaintance with the photo world take me back to my childhood, when I processed film and printed out the photos of my house together with my parents. Though it’s been a very long time ago, it is still so heart-warming. Since then, the world of photography has changed beyond recognition. I have acquired modern equipment and special computer programs, but my affection has remained the same.


Each shot I take represents my imprinted moment of happiness. I put a piece of my soul and professional skills in every photo. I create photos that are filled with breath, authentic emotions, and most importantly – life, which you can touch and feel, even after many years.

I will very gladly assist you in incarnating your innermost dreams and ideas –I will do it through professional and adorable photographs.



About weddings.


I've been shooting weddings for 15 years. However, I think I didn’t quite understand the true meaning of the wedding even when I got married. A beautiful dress, friends, a party – many brides and grooms understand these things as the meaning of wedding. But it’s only now that I’ve realized that a wedding is first of all an event that unites two families. I realized that the bride and groom's families are the main characters of the wedding, while the newlyweds are the beautiful representatives of these families that will join together to form one big and united family. It is a day when distant relatives, from different countries and cities, who probably haven't seen each other for a long time, will have the opportunity to see each other. Mainly during this day they show their family’s strong bonds, their support and approval. As a photographer, I greatly appreciate these important moments of acquaintance between two families, their joint photos, their feelings and emotions.


About emotions.


I believe in love and true emotions. That’s why when I’m shooting, I try to do my best to ensure that the couples don't notice me too much in order not to frighten away and dispel this magical aura that reigns between two lovebirds. Besides, I’ve once been a model myself many times and I know how difficult it is to be in the front of the camera all day, at the center of attention, staying natural. Therefore, I always stay in close contact with the heroes of the day and always tell them how to get up, where to look and what to do in order to get the shots more natural. 


About children.


I am a very lucky person in life. I’m a mother of two wonderful kids. When they were born, I never kept my camera idle for a day. Children are growing so fast! It’s pure happiness noticing their changes, how they grow wiser and become prettier. Take pictures of your kids and don’t spare any time and energy! Time flies at a frantic pace. You can’t even imagine how much great pleasure you will receive when after 10 years you open these albums containing the photos of your children! Let's do it together ☺


About photography.


I was 14 when I fell in love with photography. Then, I joined a photo school – we took photos on roll-film cameras, developed the film and printed out the photos by ourselves. There was nothing like Photoshop then and you couldn’t immediately see the results of your work. As a result it was necessary to know which shooting parameters to set and how to create a shot. The knowledge of the basics of photography I gained back then still helps me today to take wonderful shots for the albums of my clients and friends for many years.


About trust and personality.


I see every couple, every family or child as a different individual. I find it very important to establish an emotional contact with my clients, otherwise it will be impossible  to get authentic expressive photos! I’ve been privileged to shoot very important events for people, such as their engagements, weddings, family events. I really appreciate their trust in me. The shooting process is not only what I see as an important point.  The preparation for the event, post-processing and storage of photographs are all a very serious business for me. I process all the pictures on my own, and I create all the albums manually, without using any templates.


About objects.


I appreciate beauty and I love beautiful things that surround us. So I pay special attention to photographing objects in any event, e.g. a wedding photography or your baby’s shooting. Rings, jewellery, flowers, decor and interior items, clothing items, table layout and many other details  – they set the mood for any event and celebration. The preparation for the event is sometimes even more interesting than the event itself. Do you know what I mean?


About travel.


Travelling is my passion! If I had to choose between a trip somewhere to the edge of the world and a new iPhone, I would always choose the first one. Nothing invigorates and develops us like new acquaintances, new places and new knowledge. At the moment, I shoot in Moscow, Dubai, New York and all over Europe. I visit Thailand, Vietnam, Seychelles, Maldives and Bali when I am invited for a photo shoot. If you have any crazy ideas, new countries, unusual shots – just invite me. Distance doesn’t matter!


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