Children portrait photo-shoot

This children photography session is definitely my favorite one. Why? Well, because this is a photo shoot of  my own children! It is so amazing when you get to photograph your own family. I don’t often get the opportunity to travel with my kids and to convince them to let me photograph them is a task on its own. On this trip to the city Alicante in Spain I was lucky, I managed to talk my daughter and her friend into a 30 minute photo shoot but convincing my son was tougher, a bargaining session in which, happily, I won a 10 minute concession. It’s all worth it, because they grow up in a blink of an eye and now I have a wonderful memory to add to my collection.
It is always so interesting working with children because they have vivid imaginations and to them a photo shoot is an opportunity to play a role. Not to mention all the fun and laughter we have during the shoot. Here you witness me spending a wonderful day with my children.
Every child is different, some choose to be a character from a favorite story, like a fairy or princess, some are more serious and we are able to capture their inner thoughts. It is so wonderful to see a child that is a little shy at first, open up and let us see the real them. Children are also very versatile so in one photo shoot we are able to capture all the different sides of the child’s character. Their actions and moods are so natural and sincere that it is easy to capture true emotions for a perfect shot.
Don’t miss out on the opportunity to preserve your child’s moments now. They grow up so quickly and the only way to turn back time is a photograph.



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