Wedding at Al-Maha Desert Resort and Spa, Dubai

The Al-Maha Desert Resort and Spa is an excellent location for a wedding. The idyllic silence, the aura of serenity and peace through and through. In the midst of the beautiful desert where you can enjoy natures natural beauty. You can truly forget all your worries, breath in the fresh air and just relax.



Our gorgeous bride stands out in the desert as the sole beautiful wildflower in the world. The classic white dress and accessories, her richly colored bouquet, have the effect of perfect contrast. This effect makes the photographs come alive. If you take in the images as a whole you can see the Romantic late 1920s style present which I believe suits our bride excellently. The image of a Nubian queen!


Let us help you find your image. Let’s sit down together and find the perfect location, decide on a scenario and pick out the clothing and props that bring out  your uniqueness and tells a story about you!


Ready to capture your own special moments in life? To get started, contact my personal assistant at:

Tel/WhatsApp +971505985502



Always yours,

Olga Leonova

Principal Photographer and CEO of Salt Studio Dubai.


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