The red and white wedding. Rimma and Alexander

I have known this family for quite some time. I had the great pleasure of first getting acquainted with them during a wedding photography shoot for Kate, the mother of the groom. Having been their family photographer on more than one occasion since then, when the time came for her son to tie the knot, they invited me back for another spectacular event. To tell you the truth, I felt like a welcomed guest at a friends’ wedding, and not just a photographer.



This is a very close-knit family filled with extremely talented people who are kind, generous and are so easy to love. This photo shoot took place at their beautiful house, and the daring decision to elegantly combine the traditional classics with red accents speaks of their originality and excellent taste. Rimma looks stunning in her gorgeous white gown with the red notes slightly hinting on her playful side. Though the wedding was definitely sophisticated and elegant, it reflected the family’s nature and had a very comfortable, homey, down to earth feel. Filled with lots of warm hearted laughter, beautiful singing by all the talented members of the family and dancing the night away.


I am very thankful to them for letting me be a part of this amazing event in their life and the opportunity to capture this special moment for them. Continue being the amazing people that you are and wish you all the love and happiness in your life together!

Let’s get to know each other too! So the next time you have a special event in your life you can invite a trusted friend to preserve your memories.


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Always yours,

Olga Leonova

Principal Photographer and CEO of Salt Studio Dubai


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