COVID-19 test to do when crossing the border between Dubai and Abu Dhabi for UAE residents: terms and conditions

Rules for entering Abu Dhabi from Dubai for UAE residents: new COVID reality

Last year the whole world was crushed by the nev virus - Coronavirus entered our lives and got them under control. Now, after more than a year of living with restrictions, we desperately want our “normal” back. 

Meanwhile our lives got completely changed due to global pandemic in 2020, we all stayed the same - people still fall in love, give birth to the kids and celebrate family matters. Love will be love in any circumstances, and people all around the world still want to create happy memories.


Laser DPI test on the border of Abu Dhabi: step by step instruction

Salt Studio Dubai is providing photo & video shooting all over the United Arab Emirates, and our team got devastated about not having clear instructions to follow as we needed to cross the borders. 

After researching and spending a lot of time on trying to find the exact information, we decided to be pioneers and do everything right - what means to do everything ourselves.
We had a travel planned from Dubai to Abu Dhabi and here is how it turned out to be in real life:

We would like to thank the Emirati government for creating a DPI test that made COVID results be almost instant.

DPI or PCR, what test should you do to enter Abu Dhabi?

The most important question we were asking ourselves while  planning our trip to Abu Dhabi: what test to take and what is the difference? Why should you do a PCR test in advance and pay more than triple, while DPI costs 50 AED and results can be known within 5 minutes?
And here is the answer: apparently you must not take two DPI laser tests in a row, and it won’t get you across the border between emirates. We couldn’t get more information from the police officer, only that we will have to submit ourselves to PCR after DPI.

3 simple steps that residents are supposed to take when crossing Abu Dhabi border

1. First step

Online registration form for the DPI Laser Covid test on the border of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, do a screen shot of your registration.



2. Second step

Downloading the “AHLOSN” application to your mobile phone and filling in all the data. You will need to provide your Emirates ID too.
This step is crucial, as if the results won’t be downloaded to the application, crossing the border will take more time.


3. Third step

 After the online registration form for DPI Laser test is filled in, you should head to one of the locations where the test is done. We chose to go to the Al Faya Laser Test location:


The DPI laser test itself costs 50 AED and is valid for 24 hours (to enter Abu Dhabi). It means that if you are planning to stay longer in the Emirate you are crossing the border to, you will have to do additional tests (including PCR) when arriving at your destination point, precisely after 3 and 7 days of your staying. 



When arriving at the location, direct to security to be shown what cabin to enter for the test. The sample is being taken within 5 minutes, without a need to step out of the car. It is absolutely crucial to have ready your Emirates ID, no other type of the identification document is accepted.


Covid test results: DPI Laser testing on the Emirates border & vaccine passport

Test results from Al Faya Laser Test location in Dubai were received within a very short amount of time. Our team was stated as absolutely healthy and tested negative, so we have been free to go to Abu Dhabi. Test results are valid for 24 hours for the entrance to Abu Dhabi. We were advised that it’s very important to have the application downloaded on your phone + printed negative paper from the Al Faya Laser Test location.
The security also advised that we should call the special number (provided by security) and get confirmation from the authorities that your test is visible in the system.
The procedure all together took us about 30 minutes. 

For the travelers who already got their vaccine the situation will be much simpler - they will have to provide the vaccination passport and valid identification documents, so they will be let in without any testing. 

We remind our client’s that it’s very important to care about each other - wearing masks, using  hand gel and keeping social distance is playing a crucial role in stopping the Covid virus around the world.
Salt Studio Dubai is wishing you to stay safe, sound and book your next shooting with us!


How to get to Abu Dhabi by car from another emirate: tourist visa

As for now we can just provide our readers with Ghantoot test tent location on DPI laser test for tourists.


We would like to think that the procedure won’t be much different from the one residents of Emirates have to follow. If you know more or would like to share your experience, we would love to hear from you - please, send us an email or WhatsApp with your story!

We wish all our readers & clients to stay safe and sound, and to remember that we will fight this virus if we are united!

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