Amira and Mohammed wedding photo shoot, Dubai, Movenpick Hotel

This majestic ceremony was held at the luxurious Movenpick Hotel in Dubai. A traditional wedding with the glamour and sophistication the just took my breath away. Decorations of streaming vines of purple and pink flowers gave the grand elegance of the hotel the softness and Romance to make it as though you are in a dream castle.


As agreed upon with the couple, our photographers arrived well in advance, so that we have ample time to set up and most importantly not interfere. Since we discussed all the details and scenario of the shoot with the newlyweds-to-be ahead of time we were able to work seamlessly without disruption. We started the shooting of the the beautiful interior, then ,making sure not to miss all the tiny details, captured moments of the gorgeous bride preparing for her arrival,  and continued on to shoot throughout the beautiful ceremony without calling attention to ourselves.


After all, our job is to capture Your beautiful day so that later on you can relive all the emotions of this day while looking at your beautiful photographs.


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Always yours,


Olga Leonova

Principal Photographer and CEO of Salt Studio Dubai.


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