Photo session on a yacht: 5 tips for photographers - beginners

When shooting at the yacht water, sun and wind can be on your side, and also - against you. We prepared some tips & tricks to help photographers feel more confident and achieve satisfying results when having a professional photoshoot at the yacht in Dubai:


1. Timing


Don't hurry to do shooting when the sun is up, the shadows will be too strong and it may affect the appearance of the model in a way that will be difficult to remove while editing. The model also might experience troubles with completely opening her eyes, so face expressions might look unnatural. Better wait till the sunset, or use extra precautions if you are urged to shoot when the sun is bright, shoot “sun-contra” or look for shade. 


2. Guests


If your yacht is smaller than the yacht of Abramovich and there will be more people but you, it might become a little bit difficult. Even with a yacht with 50-60 people capacity there is a high chance that somebody will always be “in the camera”. Please, clarify this before the shooting. Ask if the guests could wait downstairs or join you later (if the yacht is parked in some beautiful place, for example, at Dubai Marina, you might want to start the shooting before the yacht will sail and before guests arrive. 


3. Clothes


White yacht, blue sea, this is a perfect background for flowy one colour fabrics: yellow, red, turquoise. To avoid: black, brown and printed fabrics. Yes, it’s not always an option to affect the choice of the model clothing, but it’s always a good idea to warn her what will really work. If you are planning on a group photo shoot, try to convince guests to choose similar colors for outfits.




4. Lenses


I like to work with lenses with fixed focus distance, but yacht is the perfect time to use zoom. I am advising to take a wide-angle zoom 16-135 mm or universal 24-70, and for portrait shooting the perfect choice will be Canon 50 mm L series with light power 1.2, it will be a great use even after the sunset. 


5. Two cameras


Taking in consideration the fact that it might be very uncomfortable to change lenses while being on a yacht, I always take with me two cameras with two different lenses: one is for portrait shots and one is a zoom lense. Don’t forget to use the neck belt for cameras, as it’s a high risk environment to drown your camera. 


Salt Studio is wishing our client’s an unforgettable and joyful time on the water and is reminding about necessary safety measures! Keep both feet on the hard surface and enjoy an amazing photo experience with our team of professional photographers! 


Professional photography in Dubai Marina - amazing experience, full of fun and empowerment! One of the most majestic palaces in the United Arab Emirates for taking couple, portrait or family photos. Memorize your vacation in the best way - professional photo shoot with edited photos from 100% female team of Salt Studio Dubai will make your photo dream come true!


Book with us your photo experience and relive happy memories forever. Salt Studio Dubai - memories are priceless, happy moments are unforgettable.



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