Desert love story of Kiran and Rupom

Indian fairy tale from USA in Dubai. Does that sound strange? Well it shouldn’t,  as that’s the amazing love story of Kiran and Rupom.  «Kiran was born in India (Chandigarh) before moving to the US (Orange County, California), and I was born in London, living there until the start of last year when I moved to Dubai for work. Each summer I do a trip to Las Vegas with some friends, and in 2015 met Kiran and her friends on a night out. Fast forward three years and we are getting married! Kiran will be moving to Dubai later this year and we are extremely excited to start our lives together!”, the groom told us.


The bride and groom dreamed about a romantic photo session in the desert as the sunset. They asked us to give them advice about the perfect location for their pre-wedding photo session and we were pleased to offer them the luxury Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa – Dubai. If you’re looking for a  romantic photo session in the sumptuous eastern interior near to the desert then this is the place for you.  Please note, however you'll have to reach an agreement with management about permission for the photo session in the resort.  In most cases, you'll have to pay to get permission for a photo session, which’ll cost anywhere from 8.000 AED to 25.000 AED. After shooting their photo session in casual outfits, we went to the desert.  Beautiful Kiran was wearing a traditional Indian red dress and she looked incredibly lovely. Handsome groom Rupom was wearing a classic black suit that made him very elegant.


We spend more than four hours shooting their engagement photo session in the desert and took around 500 photos which captured this love story forever.

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