Wedding of Sabrina and Karim, Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeirah

The grandeur and sophistication of the Waldorf  Astoria Hotel was the perfect venue for this occasion.This was the wedding that dreams are made of! I am not exaggerating when I say that this was the spectacular event that is talked about in fairytales. The atmosphere was saturated with the romance and the sincerity of true Love.



The elegant style and refined décor mirrored the beautiful bride Sabrina, without being pretentious or showing off. The groom, Karim, the picture of a gentleman, confident, proud and beaming with his love for his wife to be. The wedding was meant to be for close friends and family with an inner circle atmosphere and even our team of photographers and videographers felt welcome in the warmth and closeness. There was such love and tenderness during the touching ceremony that it was hard not to shed a tear of joy, even for the men. I can just imagine how beautiful and smart their children will be, and how lucky to be raised by parents madly in love with each other.


This is an example of Age old traditions and new age modernism elegantly combined into one. With respect to the esteemed  parents and high spirits of friends- full of laughter, dancing and wonderful music. This wedding was a real CELEBRATION of life and love, uniting two amazing families of Algeria and Tunis into one!


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Always yours,

Olga Leonova

Principal Photographer and CEO of Salt Studio Dubai.


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