Romantic baby photoshoot with amaizing Miral

We all want our new born baby to be surrounded by love, safe, protected and cared for. As new parents, we give our all to make sure that they have everything that they need. Sometimes, in this rush, when we forgo our own needs, we forget that what we will definitely want and need is way to look back at these once in a lifetime, wonderful but exhausting days. There is no better way to do that than to flip through a photo album filled with pictures of your little angel.


When we met with Mirals parents, we spent quite some time on preparation, picking out the background and props to find the perfect scene for her. We went through a lot of ideas but in conclusion we decided on soft pastel colors that accentuate her innocents and tenderness. To make it as though we entered her dreams.The water lilies used as props made the photographs whimsical and fairytale like, making Miral the little princess from a storybook.



At Salt studio, we take the time to sit down with the parents and decide on the best scenario for their baby. We have a vault full of ideas to share or you can tell us your vision. You can use your own blankets and toys to create a scene or use ours. You don’t have to worry, since we are mothers as well, we take safety and hygiene very seriously, so every prop, toy or blanky that we bring is for your baby alone.


Ready to capture your own special moments in life? To get started, contact my personal assistant at:

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Always yours,

Olga Leonova

Principal Photographer and CEO of Salt Studio Dubai.


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