Newborn girl Ariam photography in Abu-Dhabi

Not every parent would agree to professionally photograph their child, but those that do will definitely vet the photographer extensively, as they should. What should you look for?



First of all this is your precious defenseles angel, wouldn’t you want for the people that are  around her to be trustworthy, kind, positive and experienced with children?

Wouldn’t you want someone that is patient and caring. That has the time to listen to you,or wait while the baby takes a nap.

Wouldn’t you want someone who can help you choose the perfect location, the perfect outfit, the perfect accessories. Because your baby is perfect and the photographs should be perfect as well.

And last but not least, wouldn’t you want for this person to be a professional, know what their doing, has all the right equipment and doesn’t waste your precious time on reshoots or remakes.


All  our photographers are mothers themselves.They understand you and know all your worries and all the nuances of working with a newborn. We have many years of experience working professionally with children of all ages and their parents,so it won’t take long for us to feel comfortable with each other. And if you are relaxed so will your baby, and a happy baby always results in the perfect shot. Trust us to give you the best experience in photography!


Ready to capture your own special moments in life? To get started, contact my personal assistant at:

Tel/WhatsApp +971505985502



Always yours,

Olga Leonova

Principal Photographer and CEO of Salt Studio Dubai.


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