Destination photography: golf and Spain

Here is another wonderful day I got to photograph my own children! We decided to visit a golf club in Alicante Spain, and of course, as any mother would, I wanted to add these memories to my collection as well!


Have you planned an exciting day with your children?! Whether it’s a walk in the park, a hike in green landscapes, a visit to a zoo or a favorite theme park, wouldn’t you want to save the memories of this day so that you can enjoy all the fun and tender moments you shared with your children?


At Salt studio, we can go where you choose or suggest the perfect location, not just for a family photography shoot, but so that you and your children can relax and truly enjoy yourselves while we capture your special day from behind the scenes. All you have to do is pick the time and place and enjoy a fun filled day. Leave all the rest to us.  

Are you going on a family vacation?

We offer Family and children Photography sessions in such locations as:

  •   Spain
  •   San Marino  
  •   Italy
  •   Cyprus
  •   Thailand
  •   Vietnam
  •   Cuba

Our extensive experience in working in all kinds of locations and conditions and our professional equipment help us work seamlessly, without having to bother you on your outing by asking to strike a pose. We will take photographs of you in your natural state, not missing a beat and capturing your laughs and smiles, resulting in perfect shots every time.


Ready to capture your own special moments in life? To get started, contact us:


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