Happy family, Thailand

The last time I was visiting Thailand I was invited by my friends to stay at their gorgeous villa on the Koh Samui Island. This is an island that can only be described as a little piece of heaven on earth. The gorgeous white sand beaches, the translucent azure waters and landscape lavishly filled with exotic plants and greenery. The island has excellent tropical climate and is filled with natural wonders that just take your breath away.  When you are here, you get swept away by the peace and beauty of Nature. I am absolutely in Love with this place and can’t wait to visit it again.



Photography is not only my profession but my passion as well. So, while I was visiting with my friends, of course I wanted to capture the islands beauty and my friends’ wonderful family, not only for them but so that I could look back at these photographs and remember this amazing trip. They were a little shy at first, since they haven’t done a professional family photography shoot before, but after a little encouragement on my part they agreed to give it a try.


We didn’t waste a lot of time. We decided on the scene and picked out matching outfits to accentuate their family unity. The whole photo shoot took about half an hour in which I was able to capture the family as a whole in their natural surroundings, at ease and relaxed. As I am sure you can guess, they don’t regret it one bit! These wonderful photographs are now a cherished addition to their family’s memories.


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