Portrait photo shoot, Spain, Alicante


It always takes me a very long time to process my photos. But I know my friends and clients would forgive me for having to wait for a very long time before they receive their precious photos. Selecting and processing a photo is almost an intimate process for me – it doesn’t need haste and fuss. I usually process photos at night, when nobody and nothing can distract me from this truly magical process – when one to two thousand photos turn into a beautiful and unified story about a person, a family, a kid, an event or just a beautiful place.

So now, almost two months after a trip to the sunny Spain, sitting on the veranda already in Thailand, I finally got to a photo session with Dinara. It was quite a short walk, just like when I met the amazing Dinara. But the walk left so much sun and light in the soul! It's amazing that sometimes you meet such people that are very close to you in spirit  but are far, far away from your hometown, from your native country.

I'm 100% sure that we'll meet again!


Leonova Olga, with love...

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