Children photo shoot

Family photo session, one of my favorite types of photo shoot. You will ask why? Everything is simple. In your family you feel relaxed and naturally. You do not have to pose and imitate emotions. And photo session children turns into an interesting game in which the kids can feel themselves a famous models or movie stars, posing in front of the camera lens. I have known the family of Dmitry and Catherine for many years. Their beautiful daughter Sonia, Masha and Pauline have already gotten used to me. The children feel comfortable and do not hide behind their parents when see a stranger. For them, I'm not just a female family photographer, but a family friend who always comes with a big and interesting camera. Family photo album - this is a book of life, consisting of photographs, each of which is a different story. Pleasant memories from childhood, an exciting wedding day, a vibrant moment of the birth of the long-awaited baby. The life of each family is filled with such moments that you want to capture and save for many years to come. That's why family photo shoot in Dubai is becoming more popular every year. My friends Dmitry and Ekaterina entrusted me with a wedding, a family and baby photo session. This is a great value for me. Thank you! Today, SAlt Studio in Dubai, is ready to offer you several types of family photography: newborn photography, baby photographer, children, family. Choose your type of shooting and let's be friends with families.

Your family photographer in Dubai Leonova Olga

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