Newborn baby photography

Newborn photo session, maybe one of the most unusual types of photography, because it appeared recently. Some parents do not dare to entrust his newborn on  5-7 days from the birth to an unfamiliar photographer. Someone carefully chooses a newborn photographer in Dubai. But someone, looking at newborn photos with other kids sadly says: "At first I was afraid, but now I'm very, very sorry that I did not resolve to newborn photo session"
So, in order not to 
be parents who missed a chance to capture the first days of a baby's life, t think through all the nuances of the Newborn photo session in advance. That's what the parents of the little girl named Eugene, Maxim and Pauline have done. Young parents announced all their wishes and ideas in advance, chose the style and theme Newborn photo shoot. I have only to help with the choice of accessories and color palette, which I've done with pleasure. A knitted cap, soft toys, a basket and fresh flowers, everything was selected in accordance with the wishes of the parents. Such careful preparation brought us closer and helped the young parents to understand that the first days of their newborn baby will be photographed by a female photographer with particular sensitivity, tenderness and care.

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