Family photo shoot in a Desert


We have a favorite location in Dubai, a desert near the Bab Al Shams. However, a photo session in a desert always risks looking boring because of the monotonous sand color of sand.  To overcome that, we use different colored fabrics from red and yellow to make my photos come alive. This was with Kosuke-Makino’s family.

Remembering this family photo session we can’t help but see the joyful face of the baby and his amazing brown eyes. Dear parents, your boy is amazing. Of course, like most parents, Kosuke-Makino was worried about the photo session. What should I do if my baby gets tired, starts crying, or isn’t in the mood?  Fortunately, all this worrying was for nothing. The little model was very happy and enjoyed each moment of his photo session. We think the baby enjoyed the photo session more than his parents:)

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