Newborn photo shoot in Dubai

It was a very interesting and unusual newborn photo session. Want to know why? Well, let us tell you the story of a unique photo session we had on the 13th of December. When we went to Ebrahim’s house we were in for a big surprise. He is a photographer and he had tried to take some photos with his little princess many times before. However, during his attempts, he realized that it’s impossible to take any newborn photos without professional equipment and experience. Fathers seldom participate during photo sessions. But to our surprise on this occasion, the father was very active throughout the photo session. Together with his wife, he helped us with all the photos I took. We're always very happy when clients participate in shooting preparation and this family shared with us their ideas and all sorts of accessories like baby clothes, plaids, and blankets. Overall, we had an amazing time shooting and I thank them for this.
We just wanted to say thank you so much for allowing us to publish your photos. Thanks to you, other parents could see the quality and professionalism of our favorite job and it might help them make the right decision in choosing to have a professional newborn photographer for their baby.  Thank you so much and we hope we'll be seeing you again!

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