Olga and Ahmed prewedding photo shoot

This wonderful couple has such an amazing combination of ideal contrast, won't you agree? They are so different yet fit together so perfectly. During this photo shoot we wanted to let them enjoy their day together, natural and care free, while we capture them in shots from behind the scenes. An unsuspecting model always makes for a natural shot. Asking a model to strike a pose in a set setting and capturing an action or facial expression unaware are two very different kind of photographs.



We spent the afternoon with Olga and Ahmed as they took a romantic walk by the river, relaxed in a cafe and strolled through this picturesque city. Wanting to play up their image so that it fits with the city’s romantic old fashioned style, we added accessories to Olga’s soft pink dress with a sun-rimmed hat and bouquet. As you can see, be adding just small accessories, the finished product of the photography session is a harmonious story unfolding right in front of you.

We urge you to think out your photo session as well. Think out the scenario, the location and the small details that will give it that final touch that makes the photos come alive. If you have trouble choosing, we will be happy to help you pick what works best for you.


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