One month baby girl: newborn photo shooting in Dubai

There is no better fun for bringing a small child back from a maternity home. Then the real fun starts: sleepless nights and allergy let alone unexpected quarantine. This cutest baby is almost 1 month. Of course, parents had a desire to shoot their child in the first two weeks (it is the best time for taking photos), however, we could do it only before her ‘one-month’ celebration. 


Shooting small children is not an easy task, as a result it took 3 hours (as usual 1,5 hours) in order to shoot 3 setups. But it was worth it! 


What about you? When are you planning your baby’s photoshoot? What age is perfect for you and your child?


If you book a photography in advance, you will get a free mother’s photoshoot as a gift! Do not hesitate to contact us using WhatsApp or a call phone. The quantity of this special offer is limited. It is available only up to the end of June.


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