NewBorn boy Bill photo session in Dubai

Photoshoot of newborn babies is a special genre and a separate direction. There are a lot of features and nuances, and we will tell you about them. The information will be especially useful to parents who dream of touching and tender photographs of their child.


We try to create the most comfortable ambiance for you and your baby at our studio. At our studio we have:

  • napkins;
  • water;
  • teapot;
  • iron and ironing board;
  • a place where you can change the baby;
  • mirror and room for changing clothes/make-up for mom;
  • we even have a humidifier to make your baby comfortable.


But please remember that the relaxed parents and happy baby are on the first place so we strongly recommend you to grab as well:

  • baby's favorite toy;
  • pacifier;
  • diapers;
  • some of the baby's favorite food;
  • comb;
  • maybe some babies skin oil;
  • those things which will make all surroundings more cozy and homey.



We are often asked if it is possible to bring your props for photo shooting. Sure! It is possible and necessary!

We have a huge variety of props and we constantly buy something new. But if you have ideas that you would really like to see, do not be shy, bring them to the shooting, we will definitely try to use them during the photoshoot.

So, the top 5 props for a baby photoshoot that you can bring with you:

  • headbands;
  • hats and other headbands and covers;
  • flowers, live or artificial - up to you;
  • dresses for girls, panties for boys;
  • for boys - bowtie, ties, for girls - pearl bracelets, beads.

In general, it's great when parents bring something of their own to the shoot. It will allow us to show the same props in a different way, to make your unique image and unique picture. ⠀

A few points that are important to consider if you bring your props to the photoshoot:

  • discuss the color scheme with the photographer in advance, so that we chose to apply background and other accessories for your props;
  • if you bring your clothes - it is desirable that they will be without inscriptions, prints, etc.;
  • maybe you want to have a family look at pictures - that should also be considered and discussed with the photographer. 

We wish you a wonderful mood and warm photo shoots!


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