Our client - Paola with her fabulous The French Fairy Collection

The shooting process is a ‘battlefield’ where the main trophy is a new jewellery. The working process with our client is like a love story. It remains a great novel which is full of passion, inspiration, love and doubts. Each our client is unique and we try to find the useful key. 


We are going to tell you about one amazing story, one amazing shooting that has caught our minds. This shooting had a differ from others because jewelleries for kids and teenagers are so tiny like a part of a pea. It is not an easy task to catch everything. On the photos some items look much bigger that they are. In order to show the real size of the jewellery we advised our client to take photos with a model. After getting the final results, the client was very satisfied. 


We have decided to talk with CEO at The French Fairy, Paola. We wish you to get this inspiration.


How a new brand appears

“A little bit about me, the woman behind the French Fairy. I’ve been working in high jewellery for over two decades. I had the privilege to see and work with the most prestigious jewellers of Place Vendôme and New York City.

The French Fairy offers girls and women a jewellery for everyday wear, a colourful expressions of their mood, complementing their nails, scarves and other accessory. I love stud earrings - they are tiny but powerful, this is one of the first thing people will notice when they talk to you.

The French Fairy jewellery are made with 18k solid gold so even the most sensitive ears can wear them. The pieces will be adorned with mother of pearl or hand painted enamel.”


Paola adds that in order to start own business passion and knowledge in the particular domain are the base.

Why Salt Studio?

“I chose Salt Studio among many other companies. Olga is driven by her passion for photography and has a strong work ethic. She took the time to ask me the right questions and discover my collection before the photoshoot. Her artistic and technical talents were truly appreciated.”



“I am very satisfied with the results. What I liked the most: Olga is proactive in the process and keeps proposing me some ideas.  We ended up with great pictures, my favorite will be definitely the model Veronica with her hat and Veronica with her blue nails wearing my pink Lola hoops.”



So, we want to thank once more time Paola for her trust and amazing collection, for the opportunity to touch these beautiful jewelleries. 

We wish everyone to catch the inspiration and follow his heart while choosing a photographer for a shooting!


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