Romantic wedding on a beach: Pros and Cons

Romantic wedding on the beach in Dubai: white sand, the sound of waves and two loving hearts - a fairy tale which is easy to turn into reality! The UAE is a wonderful place with magnificent views and perfect service. That’s why so many couples choose this country to exchange vows and spend an unforgettable celebration.


There is no doubt that organising a holiday on the beach will definitely create a special atmosphere, because there is nothing more romantic and magical than getting engaged in a picturesque place surrounded by snow-white sand to the sound of waves. However, as in some other variants, this type of wedding has its pros and cons.

10 arguments in favour of a beach wedding in the UAE

We have found out 10 indisputable advantages that will help you to make a decision in favour of organising a wedding event on the beach in Dubai or Abu Dhabi:


1. Great opportunity to combine a wedding and a honeymoon. If you dream of spending your honeymoon enjoying the sun on the snow-white beach, then it is an excellent option to combine two events into one.


2. Romantic atmosphere that will help to create best memories. There is no doubt that you will remember a wedding on the beach in an unforgettable romantic atmosphere for the rest of your life.


3. Magnificent view of nature which creates an extraordinary atmosphere for a perfect ceremony. A breathtaking view of the sea landscape will perfectly complement a fabulous wedding, because there is only the beauty of nature and the sound of waves around.


4. Opportunity to hold the ‘winter’ wedding in warm climate. Plan your special day at any time of the year. Neither rain nor snow is terrible in the UAE, but there is only sun and soft sand during an important event. The ideal months for a wedding are the period from October to May in the Arab Emirates. At this time there is no sweltering heat, and the probability of rain is minimal in the UAE. 


5. Spectacular photo session on the beach. You will get gentle and graceful photos like shots from the most romantic film, and the perfect natural light will make wedding photos flawless. There are extraordinary memories that you can keep for a lifetime. Entrust this responsible process to a photographer with great experience. A photo session of a full wedding day under the hot sun with a full baggage of professional equipment is not easy, not all beginners will be able to complete this task.                                                             

6. Savings on the rental of premises and additional services.

This type of wedding format will bring you less troubles than holding a ceremony in a hall or in a restaurant. For example, you can save money on additional decorations and flowers. A magnificent sea landscape is the best decoration!


7. Amazing place that sets you up for serenity and relaxation. The ceremony on the beach lifts all restrictions, and this ceremony will let you and your guests feel lightness and peace. It is necessary for every couple after the hustle and bustle and the long process of preparation for a significant day.


8. Make an entrance of the bride or the groom right from the snow-white yacht                                       

It is quite realistic in Dubai. Most beach hotels have their own (in most cases quite picturesque) pier for VIP guests. Why not take advantage of this great opportunity?


9. Informal atmosphere. A holiday on the beach suggests a choice in favour of loose and light outfits both for guests and a couple. It certainly gives you the opportunity to enjoy an incendiary holiday and have fun. Nothing will hinder your movements. In the end, you can even take off your wedding shoes and dance barefoot on the cool sand. You will remember this option at the end of the evening! Don't thank us.


10. Originality. Such a ceremony will definitely be different from all others. By all means, you will definitely surprise your guests with such a fabulous event.

Some cons of the ceremony on the beach in Dubai that will not confuse you

Honestly speaking, a wedding on the beach with all its pros has some cons. There are not so many of them, but they are worth paying attention to. 


1. The presence of looks-loos

The beach is a public place, so do not exclude that your magic ceremony can be watched by people who will be in this place and at this moment. Some of them will be in bikinis. Be ready for such a surprise.


2. Weather

No one can guarantee that it will be sunny and windless on the wedding day. In case the weather turns bad, it is necessary to prepare a backup plan. Rains are extremely rare in Dubai, unlike most other countries. However, we advise you to provide a large tent that can be put up quickly to protect all guests or have the opportunity to hide quickly in the nearest summerhouse or at the restaurant.


3. Difficulty in mobility

If there are elderly and disabled guests, then it should be taken into account when choosing a beach for the ceremony. It is difficult to move on the sand. What is more, if you want to wear high heels, it is also advisable to take into account the presence of sand around. It is possible to organise a path to the place of the ceremony and further change of shoes, or cover all the sand in the place of the guests' presence.


4. Sun

It has its advantages and disadvantages. Especially if the wedding is not held in winter, be ready that it will be quite hot during the first part of the wedding. Tell your guests about the appropriate shoes and clothes and take it into account while choosing wedding outfits. Moreover, the bright sun can greatly complicate the life and work of an inexperienced photographer. But the professionals from Salt Studio know how to cope with it!


As you can see, there are much more pros than cons in organising a significant day on the picturesque beach in Dubai. Therefore, if you dream of a wedding on the beach, do not hesitate and start organising! As you can see, there are much more pros than cons in organising a significant day on the picturesque beach in Dubai. Therefore, if you dream of a wedding on the beach, do not hesitate and start organising! So, we have collected Top 20 life hacks from Salt Studio Dubai to plan a wedding on the beach.


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