Professional newborn photography – a small universe in the palm of your hand

Newborn baby photography is a special kind of shooting, where every moment is permeated with authentic emotions and attractiveness. Small fingers, a wrinkled nose, a round heel, thin vellus hairs on the baby’s head – what a touching sight! 


These tiny balls of happiness, these little angels that have just come into the world, are already a whole universe, so small and defenseless. Our kids are growing quickly because the hectic days have denied us the opportunity to always catch this moment.


To get the most beautiful and cutest photos, we recommend taking a photo of your newborn baby 10-20 days after his or her birth.


About a month later, the baby is already in another category, where you can also take magnificent photos, but still are not so touching as within 10-20 days of the baby’s birth. This type of shooting is classified as a baby photo.


About a month later, the baby is already in another category, where you can also take magnificent photos, but still are not so touching as within 10-20 days of the baby’s birth. This type of shooting is classified as a baby photo.

The first professional photos of newborn babies appeared in the US about just 8 years ago. Newborn photography came a little later in Europe – 2-3 years ago.


The most famous world-renowned photographer in this genre is Anne Geddes. Her magnificent shots, which have long become classics, inspire children's photographers from all over the world. Her photos are an inexhaustible source of ideas for newborn photographers.


Our photographers put their whole heart and love into every photo shoot featuring your tiny angels. We do make the most heartwarming and tender newborn photography near me in such corners of the UAE as:

  • Dubai
  • Sharjah
  • Abu Dhabi
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Adorable newborn photography from our professional photographers

Our photographers know very well that newborn and toddler photography is the most delicate type of shooting. So they handle your tiny models very carefully.


Our women photographers are mothers and are very proficient at handling babies – this is a very important factor in this case. All the poses that we use for your baby during the shooting process are natural and physiological. They will not cause any inconvenience to your little angel. You will get unique natural newborn photography in your family album.

As a rule, the shooting process itself does not last very long, but much more time is required to prepare for it. It is necessary to create the most comfortable environment for the baby, change his clothes or swaddle him.


Be sure to feed the baby, carry out hygienic procedures and put him to bed. It is best to do it at home, so we are ready to come to your house with all the necessary props, special backgrounds and accessories. We advise you to allocate at least 3-4 hours for the photo session in order to be able to pause when you or your baby need it.


In any case, we will spend as much time with you as it takes to implement all the conceived ideas for simple newborn photography.

We always use original props in our work to get beautiful and creative newborn photography. Our photographers will help you select soft blankets, funny headdresses, beautiful cradles, baby nests, lovely flowers and unusual suits. You can be assured of hygiene and safety of our accessories – they are ordered for each kid individually and are used only once.


Our photographers have their secrets on how to take the photo session fascinating and non fatiguing for the baby and the entire family:

  • The room must be warm so that the kid can feel comfortable as in the mummy’s tummy.
  • A baby photo shoot requires natural lighting. Let it be the brightest room in the house.
  • It is better to feed the baby before a photo shoot. It will make him or her feel and sleep better, and it will enable you to assign much time to capture fascinating shots.
  • Especially trembling is newborn and parents’ photography, where each movement of the adults radiates love and care to the tiny angel. Shots where daddy's big palms carry the fragile peace of a small being are truly priceless.
  • For older brothers and sisters, it is recommended to choose clothes and accessories in the shooting style so that the photos can be as harmonious as possible.
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The most touching newborn baby photography near me – sweet childhood moments in a family album

If you want to preserve the memory of the very first days of your baby’s life, so serene and unique, order from us wonderful newborn photography deals. After many years, you will sit with your child, turn over the pages of the family album, and will be surprised how your treasure has grown so quickly.


We will discuss all the details of the shooting with you, listen carefully to your wishes and take them into account. Our photographers are open for interaction, because the final result is also very important for us. Our studio is pleased to offer you:

  • Newborn baby photography at a convenient time for you and in a comfortable environment;
  • Interesting and unusual props for the most original shots;
  • Professional post-processing of photographs of your beautiful kids.

Allow us to make a photo shoot for your little angel, and we will produce the most natural and affectionate 

newborn baby photos!

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Shooting magical newborn baby photos


Newborn, Adam Jaafar


Hi dear I just finished download the photos coz the net little slow ... really I can not find a word to explain how professional  Olga is !! The photos are soooo nice and amazing ...I'm so happy for getting Olga with a very high qualified lady and a very good price ... and from now I will book a session for Adam's first birthday ... thank you Marina and thank you for Olga for her nice welcoming , her patience and the wonderful efforts .


Ayam al hilo

Newborn, Adam Jaafar


Hello dear .. how are I'm sorry to being late to thank you and Olga so much she is just a wonderful amazing person I'm so happy and lucky to get her for photo shots she is so nice .. please pass my thanks and regards to her and you and I can not wait to see my children amazing photos


Ayam al hilo

Newborn, Bill Drakontaeidis


Olga thank u so much for yesterday’s photo session. Another friend of mine with a newborn will contact you soon to schedule her session. Cans wait to see the final result of the 4 hour photo shoot in two weeks.


Debbie Mourati

Newborn, Bill Drakontaeidis


Hello dear! Everything is ok. Apologies for the late reply but I was out of the country. Will download them tomorrow I promise. I really really liked them!!!!!!! See you soon for another photo session ? ?


Debbie Mourati 

Newborn, Mohammed Abram Sayeed


Ohh amazing thank you so much!
Gonna look at them now and then msg u about the album



Newborn, Hanine


Thank you so much sweetheart! LOVE the packaging and the pictures. You are wonderful?



Newborn, Omar 


The shooting was amazing and everything was great, you are the best my dear, The whole family are happy to deal with you and definitely will deal with you again in the near future ❤ you were great, kind, helpful, nothing can express how thankful i am to you..

Thanks a million



Newborn, Omar


They are amaaaaaziiiing ? ?  can't than you enough for all the hard work you did  ❤
You can't imagine how happy i am
The whole family was impressed with the results, they are amazing



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