Telling the most precious moments of your love story through engagement photography near me from Salt Studio

In the traditions of all nations, engagement heralds every wedding and it is an indispensable element and a part and parcel of wedding. This enchanting mystery carries a deep meaning that is very important for the young family, and we respect the traditions and rituals of all people. Our photo studio offers engagement photography services in the most beautiful corners of the United Arab Emirates:

  • Dubai;
  • Sharjah;
  • Abu Dhabi.

Our female photographers would completely stay unnoticed next to you, so that you could feel very comfortable and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a beautiful engagement ceremony. We will capture that aura of romance and tenderness that accompanies this delightful day and all that is unique and beautiful about your love. Just enjoy the moment and be in the spotlight, while we make the most magnificent photos of your engagement.

Your best photographer for engagement and other pre-wedding events

Our photographers have been making wedding and engagement photography for many years now. So they have extensive knowledge of all the ins and outs of such photo sessions. We know exactly which moments will be the most important, which shooting angle should be chosen for each of them and what we should focus on. Our main task is to capture your sincere and authentic emotions and feelings, as well as your natural interactions and preserve them in a static shot.

We do organize engagement photo sessions and other pre-wedding party photography. Below are just some of them:

  • Tilak is an Indian engagement ceremony, which is celebrated on a grand and elaborate scale. Only men from the families of the bride and groom participate in this ceremony. Our photographers will capture on your engagement photos those joyful emotions with which the bride’s father and brother welcome the groom in their house.
  • Henna night is an ancient tradition, revered even today. This romantic ritual, filled with joy and sadness, symbolizes the day numerous women, young and old, gather at the girl’s home to say goodbye to the bride-to-be for the last time before the wedding day. The bride's hands and feet are covered with amazing henna patterns, which further highlight her natural beauty. We will make bright and beautiful pictures of this touching ceremony, which you will gladly watch in your photo album over and over again.
  • Sangeet is nothing but a real riot of bright colors, music and fun. At this joyful ceremony, women, young and old, dressed in beautiful outfits, dance and sing for the bride-to-be, glorifying her and wishing her a happy family life. These photos of engagement turn out incredibly juicy and colorful.
  • Garba is an excellent opportunity that brings the relatives from the two families together on the eve of the wedding. This party features cheerful music, accompanied by dances, entertainment and jokes. Our photographers manage to capture as many emotions as possible.

    At a pre-wedding ceremony, we will gladly capture the age-old traditions that connect generations. We will make photos that will be imbued with love and happiness, tenderness and care. And at the same time, we can make very cheerful, amusing and creative engagement photos with the participation of the bride and groom.

Professional photographer capturing the brightest memories on engagement pictures

If you are interested in first-rate engagement photography near me in the UAE, our studio offers a full range of services for this type of shooting. We can meet with the couple on the eve of the celebration and discuss in detail all the ins and outs of the upcoming photo shoot. It is important for us to know what exactly you want to see in the pictures and what is most valuable for you on this day. Participation of our photographer in your pre-wedding preparation gives us a great chance to get to know you and your taste and preferences better. This would make it possible for you to be able to later order for photo and video coverage for the main wedding ceremony.


Our customers choose us because:

  • We guarantee full privacy of photography. Our photographer for engagement will process photos by herself and no outsider will see your confidential pictures.
  • We work exclusively with the best professional and lighting equipment. This is the only way to achieve ideal photo quality under any shooting conditions.
  • We make multi-level photo post-processing. Using the latest software programs, we adjust the light, tone and color of your photos and many other parameters, bringing each shot to sheer perfection.

Allow us to take charge of your engagement photos, and we will capture the entire array of authentic emotions on this fabulous day!

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