Contemporary jewelry photography - each photo is filled with a deep meaning!

What is the secret of capturing the most exquisite details of one shiny stone, framed by  marvelously precious metal? High-quality jewelry photography clearly points out the slightest details and the finest nuances, thus presenting any precious item as effectively and charmingly as possible. One of the most critical factors in that kind of photography is to properly select the lighting – the outcome of the entire work depends on light parameters. We are able to tame the light and that's why our gold and silver jewelry photos always look spectacular and natural.


Our photographic studio produces the best jewelry photography in the UAE – anywhere in Dubai, Sharjah or Abu Dhabi. We take photos of products for your catalogs, websites and blogs. We also provide advertising photo sessions of all kinds, as well as customized photography of jewelry for personal use. Despite the fact that refined photos of jewels are seen as the most painstaking way of shooting, our professional photographers know all the ins and outs of such trade and easily apply them in practice.


All kinds of luxury jewelry photography from our photographers

In our photo studio, you can order for the following kinds of mind-blowing jewelry photography:

A series of photo shoots in this style underlines the overall concept of the brand, its identity and philosophy. In this case, jewelry photography mixes with other items and accessories that are similar by style and general mood.

Macro photography of classy jewels – close-up photos, which shows all the jeweler’s fine skills in the best possible way. With such a multiple increase, you can clearly see the slightest jewelry details, the colour of the stone, its cut, and also the matt or glossy surface of the precious metal.

  • Individual and personalized jewelry photography

We take original and naturally unique pictures that can be used to decorate any product or accessory. Give a medallion with your portrait to your loved one as a gift, order a photo of your baby to be placed in a pendant or a series of photos for a bracelet, and incorporate all the tenderness into these touching jewels.

Photo retouching is very important in obtaining the highest quality photographs. The iridescent shine of diamond edges, the depth of the color of emeralds or sapphires and the noble modulations of pearls in our pictures are all the result of professional photo retouching at the final stage.

On the day of your wedding, we will capture your magnificent wedding rings, wedding necklaces, bracelets and earrings to convey all their beauty and uniqueness in such a solemn and important moment. We will highlight the gloss of each stone, select each letter in the engraving so that you can admire photos of these beautiful jewels as long as possible.

Professional jewelry photographer - the beauty and harmony of your photos!

In our studio, you can order stylish and bright jewelry photos at affordable prices. We have been in the photo services market since 2005, that’s why we know exactly which camera angle will be the best and what light will make your pictures look really beautiful and natural. We use advanced lighting equipment and professional photographic equipment and  are able to make high-quality shots of gold and silver jewelry, precious stones and watches.


Our photographers are constantly striving to create the most refined shots that show the true beauty and the style of your jewels. We are always focused on getting a flawless result. Therefore:

  • We provide close-up jewelry photography in the best perspective;
  • We professionally retouch pictures, bringing them to perfection;
  • We make our studio available for photography and we can organize photo shooting sessions in any other location of your choice.

Contact us in any way convenient for you to discuss the price for your selected type of photography and clarify all the other necessary details.

We do not just take photos of jewelry, we open it's soul!

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Jewellery videography in Dubai

dubai jewelry videographer
  • Model jewelry photography. Such shoots help to show people how to properly wear the jewelry properly and how it will look on the body. The beauty of the model should, on the one hand, blend with the precious thing, and on the other hand, not divert attention from it. After all, the main character in this tandem is the elegant jewel and not the beauty of the model.
  • Fashion jewelry photography. We take photos of modern collections of fashion houses for websites and catalogs – all in a single style. Our professional photographers know how to most effectively present jewelry and highlight its beauty and elegance to attract as many potential customers as possible.
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